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Is it ok for a woman to pursue a man?

I was having a lunch with some friends and this topic came up. Is it ok for a woman to pursue a man. My first response is that it goes against evolution for a woman to pursue a man. Men are the hunters right? Well my are no longer out in the fields and many are working now in office jobs where woman make equal and sometimes even more then men. So the times are much different. So upon further reflection I think its fine for women to approach men and initiate contact. The part that becomes problematic is when a women pursues a man and he is “just not that in to her” but she does pick up on the clues. The reason that she does not get the clues is that women do not have much practice in this area. As a male one learns to deal with a lot of rejection from women and brushes it off as not big deal. Women do not have as much experience esling

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Triple Threat Position and Dating

Hi wanted to share with you the triple threat position as it applies to dating. In basketball the triple threat is a position where you have three options. The first is the option to dribble the ball. The second is that you can pass the ball. The third is that you can shoot the ball. In dating I recommend that on a first date you always think about making a new friend. You never know until you meet in person if there is any sexual chemistry. The friend position is the triple threat. You can advance the friendship by dribbling, shooting is making a sexual advance, or you could pass and refer than person to someone you think is a better fit.


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