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Self-portraits done to a different drug every day (45 Photos)

Pretty cool guy made a self portrait of himself each representing himself on a particular drug


Artist Bryan Lewis Saunders conducted a bizarre experiment. For several weeks, he took a different drug every day and made a portrait of himself under the influence. Mind you, we don’t support using drugs here at theCHIVE (except alcohol, of course, let’s not be crazy) but this is just too interesting of a story to pass up.

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Made Made Book Review

Man Made- is a great book by the Journalist Joel Stein. The book chronicles his quest to learn about masculinity by interviewing and interacting with men in traditionally manly jobs. The jobs and journeys include- Fireman, the Army, UFC Fighters, Hunting, and baseball. The quest was inspired the birth of Joel’s son Laszlo. Joel felt that he needed to learn more about being masculine so he could he help raise his son right.

Joel said, “My dad gave me the very manliest gift: feeling safe. Because once you feel safe, you can take risks. I want to make Laszlo feel that way. And now I think I might be capable of doing that. Just like my dad did.” –Joel Stein

One of the connections I made with the above quote is my friend Paul growing up. Paul did not have a lot of confidence in high school. However once Paul got a girlfriend his confidence soared. The girlfriend like Joel’s dad made him feel safe and secure in the world. Now when I would go to parties with Paul even when is girlfriend was not around Paul was always very loyal to his girlfriend but no that he had a girlfriend he felt that he could get any girl and that party. I noticed this newfound confidence that I attributed to Paul having a secure safe attachment with his girlfriend.

One of the other highlights from the book was Joel’s interaction with ex football star Warren Sapp. Warren said that when he was younger he was quite the philanderer.

Warren Sapp stated,” At nearly forty a man should not be attracted to twenty year olds, he can’t relate to. You want someone that loves you. That’s what you learn in the long haul. He says that grass on the other side is artificial turf. Do not lay down on it because it’s going to hurt like hell.”


I highly recommend the book is a quick fun and entertaining read. Here is a picture of the Author Joel Stein with his son Laszlo below.


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Great analogy from a yoga teacher comparing relationships to handstands. I have been working on holding a full handstand and the authors words connect with me.

the view from my mat

Let me preface this post by saying: Handstands are hard as sh*t.

And from there let me dive right in – how much explanation could this post possibly require?

1) You try and try and try to get into handstand.  You work on it from all angles: you try to get a friend’s advice, you have a friend set you up into handstand, you read books and articles about handstand, you try to figure it out online, you put your blood sweat and tears into simply flirting with a handstand.  Right when you think you’re really putting all your effort into getting that handstand you fall on your f-ing face.  It isn’t until you’ve done all that B.S. that you finally find yourself in a handstand.

2) Your first handstand tends to be a short-lived experience. Sometimes you get into it and surprise yourself so much that you immediately…

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Facebook and your brain

Facebook and your brain

Here is a link to an article a friend of mine wrote for Psychology Today. Ironically enough our friendship was aided by Facebook. 



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Great post!

Great post!


This is a blog post describing the sacred space between people in relationships. One of my inspiration in couples therapy is Hedy and Yumi Schleifer that speak about how you need to another that scared space in your relationships. Martin Buber a existential jewish philosopher spoke of this sacred space He said,

Our relationship lives in the space between us – it doesn’t live in me or in you or even in the dialogue between the two us – it lives in the space we live together and that space is sacred space.” –Martin Buber

The way I interpret this quote is that when your in a relationship it is helpful to honor the separateness between the two of you. This often seems counterintuitive because we seek out relationships to feel more connected.  However to more connected one has to leave their own world and really listen to what the other has to say.

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The power of labels?

ImageLabels are often very destructive in relationships. The picture above makes a great point indicating that someone whose face is always happy is likely hiding something. In my previous post I wrote about Buddhism and the wisdom from buddhism applies here. It applies here because emotional states are constantly in flux. Also it helps to have some cloudy days to appreciate a sunny day.

One type of label that is particurlalry damaging is called a totalizing description. This term comes out of the Narrative therapy tradition. Some examples of a totalizing descriptions are ADD, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, and Schizoaffective Disorder. Also totalizing descriptions could also be less clinical terms such as shy, having no self esteem, social anxietey and being overly sensitive.

The late Michael White stated, ”  The process of applying psychiatric diagnoses to

clients and construing people exclusively in terms of these diagnostic

labels as totalizing techniques.”.

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Dalai Lama on Neuroscience


The Dalai Lama has been part of an organization Called the Mind and Life Institute which fosters a dialogue between western neuroscientists and buddhist’s. Recently the Dalai Lama received an award from the John Templeton foundation. Out of the money he recieved he gave 200,000 to this Mind and Life Institute.


In his acceptance speech, His Holiness explained his gift to Mind and Life by noting that the 21st century should be a century of peace and compassion. “That will not materialize through prayer and meditation,” he said, “but through education . . . [we have to] educate [young people] holistically. For many decades my special friends have been scientists, brain specialists. Many scientists find warm-heartedness, really bring inner peace. This is not just words: they carry out experiments, they convince through the training of the mind, through awareness of different sorts of values. A person’s mental state changes, their blood pressure reduces, stress also reduces. We are not talking about the next life; we are not talking about heaven. We are simply talking about how to build a healthy body through a healthy mind. Scientific research is immensely helpful.”
I have had the pleasure of listening to his holiness  Speak at Nova Southeastern University. What really struck about him is his humility and sense of humor.


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