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Great analogy from a yoga teacher comparing relationships to handstands. I have been working on holding a full handstand and the authors words connect with me.

the view from my mat

Let me preface this post by saying: Handstands are hard as sh*t.

And from there let me dive right in – how much explanation could this post possibly require?

1) You try and try and try to get into handstand.  You work on it from all angles: you try to get a friend’s advice, you have a friend set you up into handstand, you read books and articles about handstand, you try to figure it out online, you put your blood sweat and tears into simply flirting with a handstand.  Right when you think you’re really putting all your effort into getting that handstand you fall on your f-ing face.  It isn’t until you’ve done all that B.S. that you finally find yourself in a handstand.

2) Your first handstand tends to be a short-lived experience. Sometimes you get into it and surprise yourself so much that you immediately…

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