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Triple Threat Position and Dating

Hi wanted to share with you the triple threat position as it applies to dating. In basketball the triple threat is a position where you have three options. The first is the option to dribble the ball. The second is that you can pass the ball. The third is that you can shoot the ball. In dating I recommend that on a first date you always think about making a new friend. You never know until you meet in person if there is any sexual chemistry. The friend position is the triple threat. You can advance the friendship by dribbling, shooting is making a sexual advance, or you could pass and refer than person to someone you think is a better fit.



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Can you quantify love?

Gary Krane a psychologist that is designing a web app to help couple’s improve their relationships.

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Psychologist’s Fallacy

The psychologist’s fallacy is a term coined by the Psychologist William James. It simple language it refers to when one is assuming incorrectly to know what someone else is experiencing. When you go to a friend for help with a psychological problem they will often try to relate your experience to an experience they had. This is not helpful because they did not take the time to really understand your problem first. Another approach they may take is to offer advice.

A good therapist will seek to understand your unique dilemna. They will help you find a solution for yourself.

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